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Reeds Diesel Particulate cleaning/regeneration    service offers a quick and cost effective solution   with using state of the art technology. This saves buying new filters at high cost.

This regeneration process achieves 98% of the  original new condition with certified results. This can also be used on catalytic converters.

Vehicles affected by new Legislation:

Plant Equipment
Under new 2013 UK and European legislation and emission standards, all Diesel Particulate Filters fitted to any diesel vehicle or machine must pass certain standards such as car MOT etc.

DPF filters get blocked due to the build-up of soot, oil and other deposits caused by the burning of diesel; this happens at a higher rate in stop-start vehicles such as trains, buses and trucks. Failure to clean or replace the filter can result in a significant reduction in engine performance, fuel consumption and possibly high repair bills.
> Prior to cleaning, a visual inspection
   is completed via a camera to check
   for damage

> Filter has a pre cleaning diagnostic
   and air testing to show current
   performance of the filter

> DPF is cleaned, hot air dried and
   re-tested. Results of new performance
   are printed and certified

> 98% regeneration achieved

> Cleaning and certification achieved
   in less than 2 hours

> Sprayed with Aluminium heat resistant paint

> Bubble wrapped and boxed with
   certification attached

> Service Dept available to remove
   and fit (ring for details)

> Collection and delivery service available
   (ring for details)
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